Who We Are

Flow Global is a boutique outsourcing firm that offers remote staffing solutions to small to medium size businesses in the US. Through our proven business model we help our clients increase efficiency, conversion rate and scalability. We take pride in making sure we provide the right fit for our clients and help them manage the assigned staff.

Outsourcing is not just a strategy to use to help businesses reduce costs up to 60% but more on providing assistance in hiring the right person for the role and focusing on the core competency of the business operations.

We are a US registered company with operations located in Carmona, Cavite (South of Luzon), Philippines where our infrastructure and amenities were designed to keep our staff working and happy . Carmona Cavite is saturated with great talent and with ample experience working with local U.S. based companies.

The Philippines is uniquely situated to hire an offshore team for English-speaking companies. As they are known to be hard-working and culturally compatible with
western countries.

We focus on (5) things:

  1. Customized Solutions Approach
  2. Simple Scalable Model
  3. Transparent Management
  4. No-lock in Contracts
  5. Strong Recruitment Strategy

What We Do

The possibilities are endless: Think of all the tasks that can be done remotely with the help of modern technology and our internal support management.

In as fast as 5-10 days, we can set up a plug and play remote staff for your business.

There are (5) easy steps:

  1. Share to us you pain points (recruitment, cost of labor, limited space, management)
  2. We will provide customized plan with cost of investment
  3. Sign the authority to recruit and provide details such as job qualifications, start date, workstation requirements
  4. Source-Interview-Select your remote team member/s
  5. Engage: A dedicated account manager will help you manage your remote staff and set up everything for your success and scalability while saving on cost and time.

We make sure that your data is protected and your business:

  1. Compliant with Data Privacy Act
  2. Live screen view anytime
  3. 24/7 Security and CCTV Recording
  4. Paperless working environment
  5. Daily Progress Report

Cost Of Investment

We provide transparent cost to all our clients. One of the benefits of outsourcing in the Philippines is the low cost of living and labor cost. On top of that we charge a fee that will cover our operations such as HR, payroll, recruitment, IT, workstation and retention programs for the staff.

There is no fixed term for our contract but we require 30 days notice if you decide to disengage your service from Flow Global.

We have 24/7 operations- they are your staff and you can decide the working hours and holidays. The only difference is that they are located in your remote office which is in the Philippines.