Ever heard of the Pareto Principle? Commonly known as the 80/20 approach, it simply means that 80% of your biggest results come from 20% of everything that you do.

Let’s repeat that. 80% of your income comes from only 20% of your efforts.

Sounds awesome, right?

If you want to scale your business as fast and as seamlessly as possible, then you need to focus on the aspects of your business that give you the biggest returns.

Incidentally and luckily for you, you likely wouldn’t be an entrepreneur if you hated those aspects. Making decisions, leading your team, bringing in high-ticket clients, taking care of your best customers–these are the aspects that deserve your time and energy the most.

Of course, the Pareto Principle also applies the other way around. 80% of the things you do merely contribute to 20% of your income.

These boring and emotionally-draining tasks only serve to eat up your time.

And as an entrepreneur, you can’t afford to waste time and money on guessing and experimenting. It might be time to outsource the following tasks to experts:

#1 - Bookkeeping

You really don’t want to make mistakes when it comes to managing your finances. Hiring professionals to take care of your accounting and bookkeeping lets you solve these problems and prevent tax headaches so you can focus on growing your business.

#2 - Admin Work

Answering emails, taking and making calls, and looking at spreadsheets likely weren’t what you were dreaming of when you started your business. Hiring someone to take care of these for you will eliminate a lot of wasted time on repetitive tasks so you can focus on the bigger picture.

#3 - Online Store operations

E-commerce has been an amazing boost to many independent retailers who’ve made the leap to online platforms. However, this also came with a load of new tasks that need to get done to make sure your business remains sustainable. Product descriptions, SEO, online store management, and social media management are all things you can outsource.

#4 - Lead generation

If lead generation was easy, all businesses would be successful. But with tons of competition and hardened customers, getting just one sale can be incredibly time consuming and technical. A good sales team knows how to make people buy from you and your business every time.

Looking for professionals that can help you? Contact us and let’s talk more about forming your ideal team with flexible and reliable packages.